Info Bulletin : 6-2-2022


CONGRATULATIONS to Tim Johnson, who is our newly elected Treasurer following the Run Off Election.

Please follow the unemployment instructions below carefully to avoid your benefits being held up. we have been informed by odjfs that they will not be backdating any more claims. if you don’t file in time, you will not be paid.

File for unemployment benefits online at If you do not have internet access, call your processing center (the number is located on correspondence you’ve received from the ODJFS). ODJFS business hours are 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM Monday – Friday, except holidays.

PLEASE NOTE: You must confirm that your yearly claim is not expired by going under CLAIM DETAILS, click on VIEW CLAIM SUMMARY / PAYMENT HISTORY. At the top of the page in the left hand corner, you will see your beginning and end dates of your yearly claim. If your claim is expired, please do not reopen or restart because YOU MUST FILE A NEW CLAIM. If you can’t file online, call them to file. The phone lines there are usually not as busy later in the week. Again… they will not pay you if you don’t file timely.

File for unemployment benefits using Mass Layoff # 2200246. Your last day worked is 06/03/2022 and your return to work date is 06/13/2022. PLEASE NOTE: You will need to call your processing center or visit the ODJFS web site TWO TIMES to file for unemployment benefits. The first time to reopen or restart your application for benefits and the second time to claim your layoff weeks (see below):

1. SUNDAY, JUNE 5, 2022 – Open or restart APPLICATION for benefits or file a new claim if your old claim has expired.

2. SUNDAY, JUNE 12, 2022 – Claim layoff week (week ending 06/11/2022). DO NOT claim the Inflation Bonus Lump Sum Payment as earnings.

Please DO NOT do these things when filing:

1. DO NOT fill out the information about the union hiring hall. UAW LOCAL 2000 IS NOT A HIRING HALL. Please do not check ANY boxes or fill in ANY information at all in the union section.

2. DO NOT answer “NO” to the job search question. Whether or not you have a mass layoff number, if they ask for jobs you applied for, you will need to type FORD MOTOR COMPANY AND MLO 2200246 IN THE JOB FIELD.

WAITING WEEK INFORMATION: Unit 1 OHAP members who were on layoff status and serving their waiting week will be denied unemployment. You must go to the ODJFS web site and print your unemployment benefit payment documents showing ZERO amount paid as well as the document under the “Claim Details” section, “View Claim Summary/Payment History” that shows “WW Served” as the most current status and take them to Human Resources or email all three pages to to sign up for your SUB pay. If you aren’t able to print your paystub showing ZERO AMOUNT PAID, print ANYTHING from the ODJFS with your Social Security number on it and use that instead. Signing up for SUB this time will start your auto SUB for one year in the event of future layoffs.

GENERAL MEMBERSHIP MEETING: The next General Membership Meeting is Sunday, June 12th at 2:30 PM at UAW Local 2000, 3151 Abbe Road in Sheffield Village. Please attend and be informed.

Bill Samples, President / Herb Bennett, Chairperson Unit 1 / Melanie Meyer, Chairperson Unit 2

Linda Williams, Chairperson Unit 3 / Kenneth McNeil, Chairperson Unit 4 / Tony Rollison, Chairperson Unit 5