Info Bulletin : 4-20-2020


COVID-19 Mass Layoff #2000180 -- Continued Weeks Instructions

DO NOT reopen your claim for additional consecutive weeks. This causes a delay in processing.

Click on the date you wish to file under Weekly Claims (top left corner of online screen) and answer the

questions as appropriate. You will continue this process as long as the layoff continues, regardless of the

return to work date. You do not need to update your return to work date with Unemployment.

If you are prompted to respond to Work Search questions, please enter COVID-19 or

Government Stay Home Order for the two job locations.


The Covid-19 Relief Bill payments, (600.00 weekly) will offset normal SUB payments after your first week of

layoff... From 3/29/20, you will receive your weekly Unemployment benefit and the 600.00 per week.

It was announced that the 600.00 weekly payments would start to payout at the end of this week.

We are trying to determine when the retro payments will be paid out as well.


HR and Medical will be closed during this downtime period. HR will be monitoring calls and e-mails at:



Send any Medical return information to the email above and it will be forwarded.

The Benefits office is open the following weeks of:

April 20, 2020 & April 27, 2020

6:00am - 4:30pm

Monday through Thursday

Contact Denise at 440-933-1071 or


Many factors can impact our plant starting back up in the coming weeks so we want to be transparent

about what is happening and what to reasonably expect as things progress. Today, there was a meeting

held with the Operating Committee and the Union to discuss the plan to get the plant ready for potential

production in the near future. There are many Ford facilities announcing a tentative return date of 5/4/20.

OHAP does not have an official return date at this time. We are considered a high priority plant to restart,

but it will only happen when the Company can protect its employees, dealers, customers

and the community. Global health experts, political leaders, supporting plants

and neighboring states have a say in this as well.

As OHAP prepares for a potential return to work date... Team leaders or GU’s... and some Trades help...

will be solicited voluntarily, to report to work as soon as next week. In the meantime,

“Return to work guides” will be mailed to all employees to help explain the changes taking place

to the plant and what to expect as they return in time.