Info Bulletin : 4-23-2020




As stated in previous bulletins… the “last call” list that the Membership had the opportunity to add names to locate already tested candidates… has been pulled and is now exhausted through HR. Those candidates have already been tested and are waiting for an Orientation date to be communicated to them very soon.

These employees will be considered Temporary Full-Time employees until they are converted, but will work up to the same production hours as determined on a weekly basis, including any overtime.

As a result of these additional Temporary Employees being brought on, a number of current Temporary Employees will be converted to In-Progression. More details to come.


The new hiring process, per the new UAW/FORD Collective Bargaining Agreement, clearly spells out the process to follow as we transition into the online hiring format. Our process will closely resemble that of Cleveland Engine Plant when they went online a short time ago.

Opportunities for employment will be a combination drawn from the plant Lottery, Ohio Means Jobs, Veterans office, and the general population. The exact number of those to be hired in this next group is still being determined and the pool for the lottery will be a percentage of that overall number.

Date of Lottery will be announced soon.

The new Lottery guidelines are as follows:

 Local referrals will be selected through a Plant lottery.

 All active employees at the Location will have an equal chance to submit a candidate. UAW/Ford employees - Hourly Full Time & Temporary Employees and Ford Salaried Personnel.

 Interested Candidates may apply anytime to the jobs posted online. –They do not have to be a referral in order to apply.

 Referrals must have already applied online to the Hourly position at the time of the Lottery drawing.

 Local HR will then oversee the drawing of names of submitted referrals and those names will be invited to take the online assessment

 Employees winning the referral lottery are removed from consideration for future drawings for six months unless all Local referrals have had an opportunity… then the six-month period will be waived.

 Locations will forward the names of the winning lottery referrals to Labor Affairs.

 Labor Affairs will invite them to take the online assessment and move them to the location’s Hiring request list if they pass.

 Local HR will then contact the candidate for a screening and Orientation date if they are interested.



Beginning Thursday, April 23, 2020 at approximately 4:00pm… Ohio Assembly Plant will be begin accepting hourly employment applications online.

Any person interested in hourly employment with Ford may apply to the on the Ford Careers website. If you are aware of motivated individuals interested in employment with Ford, please refer them to the website listed below and follow the detailed instructions.

Along with this communication, the Company will perform a Robo-call on 4/23/20… instructing all OHAP employees on where to access the online hiring portal and an e-mail address for your Lottery referral. (Only one name will be permitted per employee for a Lottery referral)

As stated earlier, with the launch of the online application process, a limited number of employee referrals for future potential hourly non-skilled employment will be drawn “lottery style”. Active Ford employees from OHIO Assembly Plant - (OHAP) will be given the opportunity to have their referral drawn in a referral lottery to be determined at a future date.

IMPORTANT!!! Your referral must have applied online at the Ford Careers Website. Do not wait for the lottery drawing for them to apply. They must have already applied in order to be considered.

If you would like to have your referral name entered for the referral lottery held soon, you must submit your name and the name of your hiring candidate and their candidate reference number from the online system….to the following e-mail: (OHAP Employees only)

This referral lottery does not guarantee employment for any person. It is an opportunity to participate in the pre-employment process for employment consideration.


Follow the instructions below to apply:

Go to --

Click on -- The three lines in the top left corner

Click on -- Careers

Click on -- Experienced Professionals

Click on -- Hourly Employment

Click on -- View Opportunities (This will bring up a search box for hiring facilities)

Type in the facility that you are interested in and then click Apply. (Ohio Assembly Plant or OHAP)

Another option is to search the facilities by state after you click on View Opportunities in the above steps and then search for Ohio Assembly Plant or OHAP within the state of OHIO. Production Team Member - Ohio Assembly Plant - OHAP